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"The CP Leads product is a wonderful technology with a high level of creativity with an expert level of strategic thinking in the marketing world which provides targeted customers enquiry. I am using this technology since last one & half years and it has given me enormous output"

Mr. Suresh Nanda


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the solution to make efficient processes,  help serve customers real time and live. ChatBotGigs, our sister company has been created to make your business empower itself with AI for customer service, sales, decision making, and much more. Our aim is to connect you to like minded disrupters & doers who will help you convert your vision to reality.

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We are Digital Agency Specializing in Lead Generation, Digital Marketing & Web Development

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Our Successful Campaigns

Cosmodea Digital Services is a digital marketing company specializing in lead generation with a worldwide reach to quality leads. We help our clients  discover new customers and increase their business.

Depending on your business model, we have the customized plan of action for a successful outcome.

From the data source to the data delivery, we provide the best lead generation.
We carefully select our sources and assess them on quality and performance perspective.

We apply advanced strategies to get the best genuine & real data and the best target and deliver it in the CRM system making it easier for our clients to follow up real time. We consistently invest in innovative technology to apply the best filters that guarantee that we deliver consolidated data.

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Cosmodea has packaged its unique Internet knowledge and experience into Digital Marketing Consulting Services.
We provide you with the perfect combination of expertise and services.

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